Richelle Fortin

Biscotti Artisanal

Richelle is a seasoned businesswoman with extensive experience in a wide range of marketplace and workplace issues. Starting out in media advertising and event planning she helped small companies design their graphics and social media presence.

 Richelle has a keen eye for new opportunities in established industries, becoming the Director of Development for The B.I.T. Group and continuing to broaden her experience in the field of training program design, research and editing. For more than a decade at The B.I.T. Group her strategic emphasis has remained consistent, focusing on the customer, the client, the end-user, the guest. 

She has helped develop training programs in the field of market trends, generational differences in the work place and the implementation of innovation thinking in the everyday lives of employees within companies large and small, both nationally and internationally.

Recent projects include aiding in the restoration of the power grid in Puerto Rico, and liaison between The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and a delegation of Chinese STEM educators and students involved in The U.S. National Innovation Convention.

 With her experience in diverse businesses, Richelle has developed a good eye for new opportunities.  As a Canadian she is bi-lingual in French and English, and many of her projects have been centered in Canada.

Her current business takes her back to her roots in the food and restaurant industry. As the creator of the food blog Feeding a Crowd, and as a finalist to appear on Master Chef Canada as a contestant, her in-depth experience in the creation of foods led her to a vast and underserved niche in the healthy and local-grown food sector.