Award-winning author, speaker and consultant, Louis Patler is President of the The B.I.T. Group. Louis brings pioneering technologies for identifying emerging business and consumer trends, innovation and strategic initiatives to Fortune 500 companies, multi-national corporations, start-ups and foreign governments. 

Louis is one of the foremost thought leaders on innovation, with two of his books on Steve Job's recommended list. 

Louis' message is clear and impassioned—that conventional ways of doing business no longer work in the fast-forward, global economy of today. Based on his research findings, he is convinced that 'innovation has to be everybody's everyday job." Through his consulting and training programs, he demonstrates how to implement it in a diagonal slice of any company. 

A New York Times best selling author, all of his writings are based on cutting edge data as reflected in his new book:


Always following an unconventional path to knowledge, after years of examining the mindset, skillset and toolset of Big Wave surfers, he offers entrepreneurs, innovators and companies a roadmap to success.

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Louis' new book!!!!

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"Louis Patler is immersed in the real world--he takes the time to understand, he rolls up his sleeves and becomes part of the solution." - Linda Parker Hudson, CEO Emeritus, BAE Systems
Louis Patler’s keynote address was the most riveting content of the entire day (which comprised Fortune 100 speakers, mind you). His ability to personalize the message that “innovation is everybody’s job/transform through simplicity” went across multiple industries in the convention hall – not an easy task when you have the world’s largest retailer, hundreds of consumer packaged good executives, education, banking, hospitality, and startups all listening in for relevancy. He will always be welcome to participate in this annual event!” – Bill Akins, President NWA Tech Council
"Louis Patler gives us strategies to let us change with the times and accomplish our goals" - Millie Hughes-Fulford, NASA astronaut
Louis Patler tells it like it will be, his ideas both a crystal ball and a magnifying glass. By focusing on the present, he writes a history of the future." - Jay Conrad Levinson
"Louis Patler wittily engages using an entertaining exploration of the world that is taking shape around us, and then gives us sailing lessons on how we can navigate through it." Jim Kouzes, Chairman Emeritus, Tom Peters Company
"Louis Patler is a master storyteller and strategist. He makes the highly complex process of strategic planning much simpler buy integrating trend analysis with strategic thinking." Anthony Vidergauz, president/CEO, California Closets Company, Inc
"If you don't pay attention to what Louis has to say, you're looking down the wrong end of the entrepreneurial telescope." - Bernie Nagle,  Executive Director, Precision Machined Products Association
The unique and challenging solutions that Louis Patler formulates provide a roadmap to success in the next millennium." - Timothy L. Conlon, President and COO, Viasystems Group, Inc

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