MAKE YOUR OWN WAVES - The Surfers Rules for Innovators and Entrepreneurs (New York: AMACOM Books) 

"Be positive. Be Patient. Be persevering. Be Passionate...four “Be's" in my personal, unyielding approach to Big Waves and life.  I'm VERY impressed by Louis's ability to identify and concisely articulate the unwritten rules in Big Wave surfing and how they apply to entrepreneurship.  An inspiring and easy read, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  BRAVO!” - Bianca Valenti, Women's Big Wave Surfing Champion

Louis Patler has written a book on innovation but it is also importantly about a connection to nature, and what that connection can teach us about ourselves and about business. His book illustrates that surfing is a metaphor for business and life and the rules one learns in the waves can be directly translated to the waves of business. He shows us that success in business is dependent on many tried and true factors that we surfers know well, including preparation, focus, teamwork, innovation, mindfulness, commitment, perseverance, integrity, honor and courage. "Make Your Own Waves" will encourage you to lean into life and commit to its opportunities. - Shaun Tomson, World Champion surfer

“I believe everything you want in life is just outside your comfort zone. Louis Patler's book will teach you the tactical steps of Big Wave surfers that are needed to break through in any business capacity and receive groundbreaking tangible results." - Nic Lamb, 2016 Titans of Mavericks Champion

"When the Bay Calls the Day and 50' + waves come rolling into Waimea Bay there is a spiritual awakening of a select Tribe of Big Wave Surfers, hand picked by their peers, who paddle out into these mountains of water with an unwavering commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of the possibilities of the human spirit. We call it the AlohA Spirit. 

Whether on a Surfboard or in the Boardroom, Louis Patler's lessons of excellence is a must read and captures the essence of the heart of a champion. AlohA Aku, AlohA Mai. Keep Paddling, and Surf with AlohA." - George Kam, Ambassador of AlohA. Quiksilver

I may not be a surfer, but I felt like one vicariously, because as an entrepreneur this book really resonated with me. The lessons of the surfers, whether looking to the “outside” or understanding that I don’t have to catch the first wave, or managing through a “wipe out,” are all things anyone who has started a business can appreciate.  For those considering starting a business this book is a fun and informative read.  And who knows, maybe you will take up surfing too…” - Marion McGovern, Founder, M Squared Consulting

“Patler takes us to the racing heart of the Big Wave surfing world, immersing us in its often terrifying challenges, and always breathtaking triumphs.  Better, he paddles by our side, pointing out profound lessons for entrepreneurs in preparation, collaboration and courage.” -Sheila Heen, CEO, Triad Consulting, Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School, Co-Author, Difficult Conversations & Thanks for the Feedback

I learned a lot about entrepreneurs.

I learned a lot about innovation…even learned a bit about surfing. 

Most importantly, I learned what it takes to be really good at all of these.

JUMP in…it’s just water!!” - Allan Calarco, Faculty Member, Center for Creative Leadership

"Rich with deeply personal surfer stories of triumph and tragedy, Make Your Own Waves will inspire you to "Decide to Ride" the dream you've been nurturing. Packed with sage start-up advice from a guy who has seen it all, this book is guaranteed to help you "Stay Stoked" through the wipe-outs and "Paddle back Out" until you succeed." - Bernie Nagle, Executive Director, Precision Machined Parts Association

“Louis Patler brings a non-traditional perspective to innovation with his latest book, "Make Your Own Waves."  By translating knowledge from the world's best surfers into a business context, Mr. Patler has created a unique guidebook for success in hazardous conditions through planning and preparation.  Big wave experience is not required to appreciate this book!” Paul Tomita, Staniford Tomita LLP and Mentor for the Telluride, Venture Accelerator and the University of San Francisco, Entrepreneurial Ventures Legal Services Project

Louis Patler combines his knowledge of the ocean and the inner workings of how a business ticks into this easy-to-digest guide to entrepreneurship and taking risks. Make Your Own Waves explores the confluence of his knowledge of the intricacies of a wave and the challenging conditions of running a company—not to mention, the parallels between the two—making this a useful tool for any budding businessman (or woman).”  - Kristin Luna, Journalist

Louis Patler draws a clean line, paralleling the art of Big Wave riding and all the "over-coming" of fears  and the "Go For it" attitudes that apply to entrepreneurship and business.

He shows that there is always fear and risk involved, but in both cases, you will never know unless you go.  You won’t always make it, but you have a much better chance if you try. Big Wave riders and entrepreneurs share that lust for always wanting to push their boundaries… Seeking the possible when all seems impossible. - Steven Baker, GoPro Account Manager, Tavarua Boat Captain

"Make Your Own Waves" should be mandatory reading.   Louis pulls together a masterful guide to innovation through the rigor of an accomplished researcher, the wisdom of a seasoned practitioner, and the art of a great storyteller.  "Make Your Own Waves" provides a compelling innovation framework through engaging big wave surfing metaphors that applies equally to new ventures and large multinational firms. - Jeff Amerine, Founding Principal, Startup Junkie Consulting

“I introduced Louis Patler’s Surfers Rules to an international group of 160 Private Bankers in Switzerland with not an ocean in sight. An unlikely group to catch a wave you might think. However, despite the simultaneous translation they quickly saw the relevance of the Surfer’s Rules to their world of work and were energised by the analogy to surfing. Undoubtedly Louis's work inspires and skills people to be wave riders whether the waves are in the ocean or in a changing world.” - Peter Pattenden, Managing Director, Talent Mondial

"Quite simply, the book inspired me!  Dr. Patler clearly identifies the courage and strength that is necessary in overcoming the fear in every challenge confronted by big wave surfers and entrepreneurs.  The common denominator is resiliency.  The ability to take risks, embrace failure and learn from mistakes.  To quote, “To push the limits, fall, learn and get back out there!”  Great Read! - Jim Patrick, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch 

“This was a fantastic read. Finally…a book (or dare I say blueprint/manifesto) for the entrepreneurial-minded that provides actionable steps to disrupt, innovate, and soar in any industry. As a senior leader in one of the most change-oriented digital agencies on the planet, I constantly have to challenge and inspire my teams to move fast and apologize later.

(I provide new hires three simple rules on their first day of employment: 1) Don’t get too attached to your boss…he/she will change; 2) Don’t get too attached to your client or strategy…they will both change; 3) Don’t get too attached to your desk…it will always be moved.)

Louis Patler’s Make Your Own Waves has now been added to our Day One onboarding as required reading to not only back up these points, but to also provide a roadmap for what it will take to be successful in our company….as well as any other company in the world that believes in never resting on one’s laurels.” - Bill Akins, Senior VP Business Innovation. Rockfish

"Louis Patler has done it again, but this time even bigger and better than his wonderfully insightful books of the past. In Make Your Own Waves, his painstaking research and use of constantly relevant real-world examples from both surfers and noted business people, has made the “surfer’s rules” much more than just a metaphor, but rather a masterful set of pragmatic principles to follow and live by for anyone interested in innovating. These logical and meaningful references appropriately scattered throughout the book provide “proof” that his surfer’s rules are immediately applicable to both individual and organizational efforts to innovate, and for entrepreneurs and organizational veterans alike. Fun to read, easy to interpret, quick to apply." - Dr. Stephen L. Cohen, Board Member, Emeritus, American Talent Development /ASTD, Founder & Principal,Strategic Leadership Collaborative

Just as big wave surfers must play to their strengths, so does Louis Patler by writing a thought provoking, research rich business book based on his deceptively simple surfers rules. Using engaging stories, and the metaphor of surfing, Patler has designed the perfect guidebook for the aspiring as well as the seasoned entrepreneur. - Holly Stiel, President, Thank You Very Much Inc

“Louis Patler has written a great guide for the mindset and skillset that is required for entrepreneurs in these competitive times. Through an awesome analogy between big wave surfing and innovation, this book provides one with insights and steps to take to really drive success.”-Michael Bennett, United States Postal Service Board Nominee, Board Chair, Manna Inc.

"Louis Patler taps the secrets of big-wave surfers. Entrepreneurs: Drink deep and enjoy the rush of success." -Patrick Moser, Ph.D., Surf Historian, Co-Author, Surfer Code

"Superb read and I love the analogy. A real, tangible, outcomes-based read. It's the type of book that you want to keep pencil and paper near to take down notes.” - Fasie Malherbe, CEO, Lobster Ink, Geneva (Switzerland)

"Alvin Toffler may have chronicled the Third Wave, but with MAKE YOUR OWN WAVES The Surfer’s Rules for Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Louis Patler tells us how to catch the next big one.  Brilliantly insightful and compelling, the book uniquely captures the essence of innovation through allegorical comparisons to the inside world of surfer culture.  It is a must read for all current and aspiring entrepreneurs."     – John Suttle, CEO, Suttle & Associates

"Make Your Own Waves is a joy to read. Drawing analogies to the thrilling sport of Big Wave surfing, Louis Patler takes us on a highly original journey into the world of entrepreneurship and start-ups. By looking at young and emerging businesses through the experiences of world-class surfers and their epic feats, Louis is able to teach lessons that stick and offer applications that work—and do it in ways that you just don’t find in standard business publishing. And the other wonderful thing about Make Your Own Waves, is that once you get those images of Big Wave surfing in your head, the lessons keep roaring back. You really need to read this book." - Jim Kouzes, coauthor of the bestselling, The Leadership Challenge, and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

"Dr. Patler’s latest work on management theory serves as both a fun and interesting read, which delves into the analogy and social psychological dynamics of surfing and its application to entrepreneurialism and business success.  As a professional who has spent over 26 years sailing the world’s Ocean’s I can attest to the many parallels of the challenges and decision making moments that oceans, and by extension surfing, confront us with that provide leaders with both strong entrepreneurial and leadership skills.  This is evidenced throughout the book by those surfers who have also gone on to be very successful entrepreneurs, but in reverse, it is also interesting to learn of corporate CEO’s and other entrepreneurial trail blazers, who were drawn to surfing as a sport of choice, because of the parallel nature of both experiences. 

Surfing involves calculated risks, as does being an entrepreneur and successful business leader.  In Dr. Patler’s book he has been adept at demonstrating how the these and related characteristic traits are intertwined in a sport known for being challenging, intimidating, exhilarating, and also requiring quick thinking.  The book makes me want to jump out of my business suite in Santa Monica, grab a board, several of which stand tall in our offices, and hit the waves!" - Les McCabe, President & CEO, Global Green USA

"World class surfers understand that to be the best takes more than just skill. The pursuit to ride the biggest waves in the face of intense competition also requires great preparation, decision-making, passion and the courage to take on life threatening risks. In surfing, as in business, failure goes with the territory and the ability to learn from ones mistakes, pick yourself up and persevere is what separates the ordinary from the great. In this exceptional book about surfing and business, Louis Patler dives into the waves to describe in entertaining detail how great business people require many of the same attributes needed to be a world class surfer. This is a compelling read and a must for every business professional".- Anthony Vidergauz, CEO/Founder California Closets

“Louis helps us see and understand how to ride today's massive waves of change. The Surfer's Rules in Make Your Own Waves offers a clear path to success… exactly what every entrepreneur and innovator needs.” - Parker Lee, co-author, The Art of Opportunity: How to Build Growth and Ventures through Strategic Innovation & Visual Thinking

"Make Your Own Waves takes you on an insightful and compelling journey, drawing parallels between the tenacious preparation of Big Wave surfers and the relentless perseverance of innovators and entrepreneurs. By sharing some unconventional wisdom he learned from these surfers, Louis Patler answers the question “what does it takes to become a successful entrepreneur?” His insights demonstrate how to turn challenges into opportunities; make quick decisions by taking calculated risks and ride the waves to business success. From the established business owner to budding newby, all will benefit from this tangible call to action – Ditch the rulebook, get your feet wet and launch your idea today…” -Dot van Hoorn, Head of People, Lobster Ink, Cape Town (South Africa)


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