Innovating for Results - Case Studies - Part 4


 I was recently asked to blog about some of the successful consulting and training projects I have been involved with over the last two decades. There are many, but I will start with four of my favorites representing a range of industries. Below is an overview of Project #4. 

Client # 4: Amoco (now British Petroleum)

Training Challenge:

An established giant in the oil and gas business, Amoco/BP could no longer afford to act like one. New sources of competition and alternative energy options were rapidly transforming the energy marketplace. As a result, the conservative strategies that had worked in the past had become barriers to innovation, competitiveness and growth.

Recognizing that creativity and unconventional thinking were critical to the company’s future, they set out to dramatically change its tradition-bound culture. How could employees break their habits of caution and risk aversion and become the entrepreneurial innovators the company needed?

Training Solution:

After an extensive search for a training program that would meet their needs, IFR was tested on one group of staff and line employees.

The Results:

Response to the pilot program was so strong that they promptly began using it company-wide. It has continued to get with employees in every function, so much so that when the company’s training programs were centralized and streamlined for economy, IFR survived all cuts and used on the national level.

Client Comments:

IFR has been a breath of fresh air. We’re seeing bolder ideas, new approaches to problem solving, and a higher creativity—just as we had hoped. The program will continue to play a key role in our strategy for success in the 21st century.”

* IFR is the newly released and expanded version of “Break-It! Thinking.”