Innovating for Results - Case Studies - Part 2


I was recently asked to blog about some of the successful consulting and training projects I have been involved with over the last two decades. There are many, but I will start with four of my favorites representing a range of industries. Below is an overview of Project #2.

Client # 2: Sybase (now SAP)

Client Need:

As a successful company experiencing rapid growth in an industry that typifies the unrelenting need for change, Sybase was faced with the challenge of continuous reinvention and renewal. With competition increasing daily, complacency could be lethal. Instead of resting on the laurels of the past, they wanted their people to develop a mindset of continuous innovation and change.

 Innovation was identified as one of the five core employee development training areas, part of what was called “Sybasics.” To Sybase, innovation meant more than technical know-how. Management realized that future sustainable success would require creating an environment capable of continuously finding new and viable ways to apply their expertise. 

Training Challenge: 

Recognizing the critical role Sybase managers play in their success, they created a managers’ development program entitled “Sybase Film.” This entailed bringing in 150 of their 600 managers together each quarter throughout the year for three days of training. The first year of Film was focused on Innovation, Leadership and Management, with a day allocated to each topic.

Training Solution:

Sybase chose the one-day version of IFR to lay the foundation for creating an environment of continuous innovation. IFR was adapted to meet Sybase’s specific training needs re innovation, as well as customized to integrate with the other two days. 

The Results:

Reaction to the training was overwhelmingly positive.

With nearly 400 managers trained in IFR, the Sybase Film sequence was successfully launched. 

As a result, Sybase expanded a training curriculum and made it available to all employees under the name of “Sybase Café.”

Sybase’s national marketing manager was so impressed with IFR that he is training all his sales people as well.

Client Comment:

“Innovation is the lifeblood of our business, and IFR keeps it flowing. We’re delighted with the way the program enhances our creativity and ability to compete.”

* IFR is the newly released and expanded version of “Break-It! Thinking.”


* IFR is the newly released and expanded version of “Break-It! Thinking.”