Leading Across Generations/Values at Work

Linking Values to the Bottom Line 

Thriving in today’s highly competitive business environment requires a consistent focus on lasting customer values. Based on research in our highly-praised, recent book, The Consistent Consumer: Predicting Future Behavior Through Lasting Values, our training programs focus on the core values of age-based generational groups. We refer to these generational groups as Value Populations. Participants will undertsand the different values held by unique Value Populations and be provided with the skillsets needed to link values to the bottom line.

Introductory Workshop - Leading Across Generations 
During this powerful program, participants learn how to communicate to their customers and co-workers in ways that meet their needs. Interesting, creative, and highly interactive, this program explains the six Value Populations and applies knowledge of their values to critical issues and opportunities in today’s rapidly changing work environment. 

During the workshop, participants learn to:

  • Identify the cultural factors that shape each Value Population
  • Understand the nine core values of the Value Population
  • Enhance Value Population’s core strengths and minimize the weaknesses
  • Apply this knowledge to crucial marketplace issues

Participants leave the workshop with the skills to:

  • Develop stronger selling relationships with customers and co-workers
  • Create products and services that better meet your customer needs
  • Manage more effective teams and foster better rapport with colleagues and direct reports

Leading Across Generations workshops are available for groups of any size. Our flexible presentations allows for easy customization so we can create a highly tailored experience for your organization. 

Advanced Workshop - Values at Work 
Consistent and lasting values keep businesses on course and drive profitable and sustainable growth. To create organizations that stay focused on the issues at hand and minimize internal conflicts requires a deep understanding of lasting employee and customer values. To do this, leaders must educate their managers and employees in the core social values that drive individual and group behavior and contribute to every decision made inside and outside the company. 

We work with clients whose employees have completed the introductory workshop, to develop client specific applications of our research to pressing areas in their workplace such as, sales and marketing, customer service, finding and retaining top talent, and developing effective benefits and incentive programs. 

Values at Work workshops are customized to your needs.