Keynote Addresses

Audiences today are hungry for cutting edge content in order to get a full return on their investment of time and money. Tough times call for new thinking. 

Keynote speeches of 45 minutes to two hours are available on topics such as:

·      Innovation Is Everybody’s Everyday Job. Embedding innovation skills throughout the workforce is the key to creating a “culture of innovation.” .

·      The Future of the Future. Game-changing trends and innovations in ten industries.

·      Legacy Leadership. How linking leadership,strategy and innovation can affect an organization's speed, agility, focus and service.

·      Can We All Get Along? Generational differences in the workplace based on an eight year research project and how to recruit, manage and lead a multi-generational workforce.


 Business growth is a process, not an event. Organizations need to identify where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there. It begins with innovative, out-of-the-box thinking linked to a clear understanding of your business realities and possibilities. 

Areas of expertise include:

   Leading Innovation

   Business Trend Analysis

   Strategic Planning

   New Product Development

   Operations Strategy and Implementation

   Acquisition Integration

   Cultural Transformation

   Change Management and Innovation

   Leadership Development

   Succession Planning

Conference Content Management

·      We provide one speaker or several speakers and help you to design and deliver memorable meetings by assembling a themed agenda, and engaging presentations. 

·      We help in-house presenters perfect their material. 

·      We customize each presentation to the client, the industry, and the event. 

·      We help clients create a substantive and successful conference or convention via a thematic and cohesive agenda, identifying potential speakers, negotiating speaker fees, developing maximum continuity between speakers, and assisting with conference evaluation, surveys and follow-ups planning.

Executive Briefings

·      We offer a series of executive briefings on cutting edge topics and trends, designed to help clients better understand the latest developments in innovation, leadership, strategy and execution.

·      All briefings are data driven and come from our proprietary research in areas such as innovation and design thinking; generational differences; global business trends; and organizational "culture".

Offsite Events and Meetings

·      Many organizations need experienced help in planning and executing offsite events. We offer consulting services on all the "content" aspects of offsite meetings: from developing and articulating a theme or focus of the meeting, to agenda development, to identifying a viable process and flow of the meeting, to meeting facilitation and follow-up