Success Stories

Global Clothing Retailer
A major retailer wanted to develop innovative ideas that it could incorporate into its companywide point-of-sales selling strategies. By utilizing our Innovation workshop, the client generated ideas that successfully altered the design of 1,200 stores worldwide. 

British Financial Service Company
A British financial services company wanted to increase its product offerings several fold within one year and quickly make up for lost market share resulting from its previous conservative strategies. Working with the top 60 executives to develop and implement a new product development process, we helped the client to nearly triple its product offerings in less than one year. 

Billion Dollar Processed Food Company
A billion-dollar processed food company had dramatic disparities in productivity between its seven manufacturing plants. By helping to bring plant managers together to address common problems—safety, employee turnover, inventory distribution and tracking—we helped the company increase productivity and develop a distribution network that according to the client saved an estimated $43 million per year thereafter. 

Innovative Healthcare HMO
A major New England HMO wanted to get doctors and administrators working together so it could reduce costs, increase morale, and improve patient care. We helped the company create a special off-site event for the doctors and administrators that resulted in the company implementing a shared committee structure and developing the patient-centered culture it desired. 

Printed Circuit Board Company
A printed circuit board company wanted to rapidly integrate newly acquired businesses into its corporate portfolio. Utilizing our acquisition integration techniques developed specifically for their situation, the integration was a complete success and allowed the company to grow revenue from $40 million to $1.8 billion in seven years. 

Major U.S. Bank
A major U.S. bank wanted to develop a training program for 10,000 tellers and branch managers that would improve their customer service capabilities, build teamwork, and bridge the gap of several generations working together. This was successfully accomplished, on time and within budget through our creation of a customized yearlong training off-site series.  

Home Improvement Industry
The CEO of an industry leader in the home improvement services industry wanted to find ways to refocus and reinvigorate its 100 franchisees who had seen five successive years of 20% growth and were becoming lethargic about their own success and therefore “leaving money on the table.” Through our research, consulting, and event planning leadership, the company was able to reposition itself in the marketplace and increase market share for a sixth year in a row. 

Aerospace company
A $10 billion dollar British aerospace company with lines of business in six countries around the world wanted to re-organize around a new strategy, and create a team to execute on its new directions. We organized a series of global off-sites to enhance their sense of being one global company—rather than a series of national, self-contained entities.